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Do you own a home with freshly painted walls and trim? Have you ever stayed awake at night thinking how you could add some color or a wonderful Faux effect to your walls or molding? Have you spent countless hours looking through decorative magazines for that special finish, or have you walked many miles in Lowes and Home Depot stores gathering all those brochures and color charts, they sure make it look easy!

I’m sure that some of you have taken on a painting project or two. I hope it was a great experience for you, in achieving the ultimate in self-gratification by releasing the artistic talent within you. We also know there are many folks that had a bad experience, there project didn’t turn out so great. It all seemed so easy to do and it looked like a lot of fun, but it wasn’t. In fact some people had their project turn in to a nightmare! Good or bad it proves you are a person who knows what looks good and you’re not afraid to challenge yourself to be creative. So there’s no need to purchase all those very expensive sponges, buckets, paint, paint rollers, trays and a bunch of new fad tools that are very expensive and really don’t get the job done! Finally, a designer decorative finish in a spray can we named FAUXSPRAY!

If you have ever used a can of spray paint or think you can, you can create a masterpiece, be it a picture frame, flower pot, table top, dresser, or the walls and moldings of your home. FAUXSPRAY is like magic the way it takes shape right before your eyes! Presto its done! A Faux Finish can be used as a subtle color enhancement or an ornate design statement.  Give yourself the freedom of artistic expression with FAUXSPRAY, the possibilities are endless. Leave the bindings of time and tedious Faux Finishes behind. FAUXSPRAY is MAGIC! “WE PUT THE MAGIC IN THE SPRAY CAN.”

You will have the opportunity to be one of the first persons in the Orange Park area to attend our Free Workshop on how to use FAUXSPRAY.  You will have the opportunity to test FAUXSPRAY on our walls and make your own FAUXSPRAY samples to take home.

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We are a full service painting company with over 40 years of experience. Our simple moto is, " Once the job has begun, we never leave til it's done."  Free estimates given cheerfully, please call  904-517-2742.. 912-602-4868.
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